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About Us

  • Our Regulations
    PARENTS’ QUESTIONS & CONCERNS Parents are encouraged to take an active role in our child care centre and regularly discuss their child’s needs and development with our educators. Any questions or concerns regarding the care we provide should first be expressed to the child’s educator. If further assistance is required to resolve a situation, parents may also contact our supervisor and/or administrator in person, by phone, or by email. The supervisor or administrator will respond within two business days. If necessary, a meeting will be arranged for all concerned parties to discuss/resolve the issue. Every issue and concern will be treated confidentially and every effort will be made to protect the privacy of those involved. Please see our Parent Concerns Policy for more information. Our centre maintains high standards for positive interactions and communication. Harassment, discrimination, aggressive behaviour, abusive or offensive language will not be tolerated. Concerns Regarding Suspected Abuse or Neglect of a Child We are required to follow current government legislation regarding suspicion of child abuse. In accordance with the Child and Family Services Act s.72(3), any staff member with reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is or may be in need of protection must make a report directly to Children’s Aid Society. This report must be made without any discussion with any other person employed at our centre. SERIOUS OCCURRENCES & EMERGENCY PLANS In accordance with Ministry of Education requirements, Happy Life Child Care Centre is required to post a Serious Occurrence Notification Form, in the event of a serious occurrence (ex. a disruption of normal operations of the centre, life-threatening injury or illness of a child, missing child). The Serious Occurrence Notification Form will be posted within 24 hours in the front hallway, alongside the childcare licence and Licensing Summary chart. The purpose of the Serious Occurrence Notification Form is to provide a brief overview of a serious occurrence for parents. Happy Life Child Care Centre has emergency management policies and procedures, including two evacuation sites (Madoc Drive P.S./Century Gardens), in place. Parents will be informed of an emergency by notice at the door, phone and/or email depending on the nature of the emergency and how it impacts your child and our service provided. If service is interrupted due to an emergency, parents/guardians will be notified of the emergency and when regular service will resume. Emergency Contingency Plan In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation/relocation, the children and staff of Happy Life Child Care Centre will be taken to one of our Evacuation Sites: Madoc Public School 49 Madoc Drive, Brampton L6V 2A1 905-457-3440 Century Gardens Community Centre 340 Vodden Street, Brampton, L6V 2N2 905-874-2814 Emergencies which may require evacuation/relocation: flood, no potable water/water interruption, power outage, sewage back-up, structural damage to the building. In the event of an emergency/evacuation, parents will be contacted by phone. Fire Emergency A detailed fire safety plan is posted in each classroom. Monthly fire drills and regular inspections of all fire safety equipment are conducted. In the event of fire, children will be evacuated immediately, emergency services will be called, and parents will be contacted.


Happy Life Child Care Centre is owned and operated by Brampton Church of the Nazarene and has been a licensed child care provider for over 40 years.


We strive to develop partnerships with parents and families, all of us working together to help your child grow physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. 


We believe that co-operative, responsive relationships among children, parents, and educators help to create positive learning experiences.

Happy Life Child Care Centre is committed to the delivery of high-quality child care in our community and is a proud participant in Raising the Bar in Peel.


Happy Life Child Care is a Ministry of Brampton Church of The Nazarene.
Our Philosophy

Brampton Church of the Nazarene considers weekday childcare and guidance good stewardship of its building.


This service is one of many ways of making the church relevant to the needs of families in our community. 


Happy Life Child Care Centre is an outreach ministry of the church, providing a secure, joyful, enriching and loving environment for children. 

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